DSC_8076Eric and Mimi met in Los Angeles, CA in the summer of 1999. Eric was asked to speak at a Korean Youth Group and Mimi was his hostess for the day. They were as different as different could be. Eric is an only child. Mimi is number seven of eight. Eric is Native American. Mimi is Korean. But as they talked, they found they had one thing in common. A love for missions!

Mimi had just returned from the Ukraine working in an orphanage and was preparing to go to Korea. Eric had been to Italy and Costa Rica and was in graduate school training to be a campus missionary. Little did they know that God had taken them around the world with a plan to cross cultures in a unique way! In 2001 Eric and Mimi were married and they have been on a mission to honor God with their lives ever since.



A quote from our Founders:

“For years Mimi and I have had this passion to serve orphans and the poor. As our lives were in transition with the birth of our four children, we believed it was a dream for a future time. We firmly believe that God has called us to serve orphans and the poor and ‘Now’ is the time to make an eternal difference in their lives. We know that God has called us to go to the nations and to declare to those who feel as though they have been forgotten, that they are “Not Forgotten!” We recognize that God has placed a special grace upon our family at this time in our lives and we are excited to take the light of His gospel to a hurting and needy world.”

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