Dorah’s Story

DorahWe met Dorah about 10 months ago. Our friend introduced us to Dorah and at the time she was running a preschool. Dorah started a preschool in 2008 because she saw so many children playing in the dump and running in the streets. Her goal was to create a safe place for children to learn, and to have fun. While she had a big heart towards her dream to bless the children, she felt overwhelmed, due to a lack of training and resources. She managed to save up money to build a shack to start her preschool.

After some research, we recognized that in order for us to make a long lasting impact, we have to begin by working with the little one. So, we’ve partnered with Dorah since this last September to train her, through discipleship, the importance of education. Since 2008, Dorah’s been babysitting rather than educating.

When I offered to work together with Dorah in training her in a curriculum, she started to cry. She kept saying, “I’ve been waiting for someone to come and help me.”

I’ve been training since September but most of my training has been very basic. Due to cultural differences it’s been tough at times, but can you believe it, their culture is really similar to my Korean culture, which has given me so much advantage. We often laugh and say to each other, “you guys are just like Koreans, except you happen to be Black.” We are so tickled how awesome and creative our God is. We recently returned from our “teacher’s training” retreat. We are so excited for what God is doing in the life of Dorah and other teachers.

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