Stanley’s Story

11403400_10153247115089270_7189487619119251575_nIt’s been over three years now since I got the privilege to be part of the McMillian family. We worked together in White River for a few years, but there is something that attracted me more to Eric and Mimi: it is the love they have for each other and not only them, but also for other people. When they say they love someone they mean it. It doesn’t merely end on the words, their actions will show more than you can describe.
They have been a blessing to me in so many ways, wherever I have been since I left the place where we used to work together. They stayed in contact with me all the time, calling to check out how I am doing, praying for me, encouraging me. They are just a blessing in my life. They challenged me to grow in the word of the Lord and in the work that I am doing.
What I also love about them is that when I have done something wrong, or if they see that I have wandered off, they are committed to help me through in so many ways. I think what makes them so loving this way is the unity you can see in them. I would speak to Eric and later speak to Mimi and I would see that there is unity there. I have been so blessed to know them. They invite me to come and stay with them, spend time together talking and asking questions about life. You can clearly see that they want me to know God better. They have an open heart in welcoming people into their lives. I have met many people and become connected to so many people through them. What connects us more as well is the love of kids. I do love kids and they also love them. I call Eric a warrior in so many ways when it comes to prayer and being devoted in the word of God.
I did street evangelism with him and I was challenged in so many ways to do it even more. I do hope I can work with them again. They are people I would love to be with because there are so many things to be learned from them.
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