What we do

Heritage Preschool

Heritage Preschool is operated by Not Forgotten and exists as a service to the community by partnering with families to create a safe place for children to learn through play. We create a nurturing environment where children can grow in their social, emotional, and physical development by providing:

* A low student-teacher ratio

* Medical and health-care assistance

* Teaching reading readiness

* Teaching in English

* Movement Classes

 * A “fun” learning environment, where dreams are encouraged and learning is “playing.”

Heritage Kid’s Club

Heritage Kids Club is an outreach of Not Forgotten and began when a leader in the community asked us to invest into the lives of the children in the community. Through Heritage Kids Club we provide a safe environment for children to come play after school, receive unconditional love, and grow in their spiritual lives.  We do this through:

* Games

* Music

* First Aid Training

* Community Service

* Hygiene awareness training

We are actively working on…

Foster Care – We are currently providing ongoing Foster Care support to two separate Foster Moms. We provide parental support, nutritional meals, clothes, medical assistance, and access to a quality school.


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